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Calide (Commission) by KodamaCreative Calide (Commission) :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 300 5 Zoanthia x Nanashi (Commission) by KodamaCreative Zoanthia x Nanashi (Commission) :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 324 14 Creation of Life (Commission) by KodamaCreative Creation of Life (Commission) :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 448 36 Commission: Eris by KodamaCreative Commission: Eris :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 394 20 Cammy by KodamaCreative Cammy :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 317 14 Commission: The Great Escape by KodamaCreative Commission: The Great Escape :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 375 33 Commission: Vesta's Fire by KodamaCreative Commission: Vesta's Fire :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 404 43 Commission : Awakening of Creation by KodamaCreative Commission : Awakening of Creation :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 427 30 Commission: The Pendragon Wars - Excalibur by KodamaCreative Commission: The Pendragon Wars - Excalibur :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 329 8 Commission: Greek Gods - Dionysus and Aphrodite by KodamaCreative Commission: Greek Gods - Dionysus and Aphrodite :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 650 49 Yare yare daze by KodamaCreative Yare yare daze :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 498 16 Commission: Fenroar and Ella by KodamaCreative Commission: Fenroar and Ella :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 314 11 Commission: Greek Gods 2 by KodamaCreative Commission: Greek Gods 2 :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 272 9 Commission: Greek Gods by KodamaCreative Commission: Greek Gods :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 345 21 Art Vs Artist!! by KodamaCreative Art Vs Artist!! :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 342 76 Commission: The Pendragon Wars by KodamaCreative Commission: The Pendragon Wars :iconkodamacreative:KodamaCreative 282 22



Anime - Fantasy Art, Commissions

Nice to meet you, I'm Kodama, a young artist forging my passion into career and this is my main dA account!

I'm still searching my own place in the art world, so you will find here lots of very various content: anime and fantasy semi-realistic style, fanart, character design, as well as my original concepts, stories and doodles. I'm still growing and getting inspired by new things and my art is changing with me. I hope you will enjoy watching this process. Thank you for your support!




Calide (Commission)
Full Body picture commissioned by Nuci. Their boy Calide, what a handsome guy!

I gotta get back to posting my art online instead of hoarding it all in my folders haha someone please kick my ass for it. I hope you guys have a nice, chill Sunday btw o/!!

I made a couple of alternative color palettes for this guy, you can find them here on my tumblr!

Commissions and Contact: | KodamaCreative Commisssions
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Zoanthia x Nanashi (Commission)
Slice of Life Page commissioned by Zoanthia of her lovely OCs.

I had quite a lot of fun with this work, trying to approach it more painterly this time, the original sketch was done in pencil, then continued digitally following my old habits. I am endlessly grateful for the opportunity to work on my techniques and style thanks to all the fantastic commissioners I've had worked with so far, I don't mention it often enough, but I'm honestly, immensely grateful for being able to do what I truly love and what's important to me. Thank you very much!

 ➡️ Follow me on my TUMBLR, TWITTER , INSTAGRAM  or FACEBOOK for more updates!

 ➡️ Commissions page and inquiries: | KodamaCreative Commisssions
Creation of Life (Commission)

Second piece from the set of artworks commissioned by :iconvestigance:, presenting scenes and characters from their lore. In this case it’s the goddess Creation bringing life to her world.

I had no time to prepare anything holiday related really, but I’m taking this opportunity to wish you all a real nice relaxing weekend! :D

 ➡️ Follow me on my TUMBLR, TWITTER , INSTAGRAM  or FACEBOOK for more updates!

 ➡️ Commissions page and inquiries: | KodamaCreative Commisssions

Commission: Eris
Commissioned by Fabio Furlanetto, Eris, goddess of discord. Illustration for the cover of the third book of "Beyond the Impossible" series.  You can find more info on this story at 

I am pretty much proud of this one, especially of the level of polish I managed to achieve here. Dark evil ladies are surely fun to work on!

 ➡️ Follow me on my TUMBLR, TWITTER , INSTAGRAM  or FACEBOOK for more updates!

 ➡️ Commissions page and inquiries: | KodamaCreative Commisssions
Sometime later this year I would like to do a draw it again meme, more than one if I'll find enough of time for it, I have scans of some of my really REALLY old pictures, from times when I was a kiddie and I think it would be hella fun to get to draw some of this stuff again.

Oldie 1 by KodamaCreativeOldie 3 by KodamaCreative Oldie 2 by KodamaCreative
Look at these masterpieces from the 12 years old me.

I actually did it once before, in 2009 with one very old picture so I'm pretty much excited to do it once again almost same period of time later as between these two below

Draw it again meme by KodamaCreative
So yeah, I'm waiting to have a free while to do some of those! Show me your draw it again memes, they are always fun to watch!


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